Why Sarcoidosis? I am a sarcoidosis sufferer. 
Very strange word, isn't it?

It sounds a bit like Nicolas Sarkozy?
Not related, I don't think so!
Anyway, it is one of those chronic illness, discovered  by Dr. Jonathan Hutchison, an English surgeon, dermatologist, ophthalmologist, pathologist, venereologist shared the news in 1876.
It was presented as a dermatologic reaction, turning the skin into a purple bloody shade. This reaction activates a cutaneous eruption over the face and the body. 
In 1888, the term itself was invented by Dr Lupus pernio Ernest Besnier, a dermatologist whose structural histology was recognised in 1902. Then this rare illness manifested in the eyes, bones, lungs and was identified as a systemic illness by Dr Schaumann.
To understand its etymology, the word sarcoidosis, as most words of our encyclopaedia, comes from Greek. Sarco signifies: ‘flesh’, -(e) ido, means, « resemble or similar to » and sis
« condition ». Simply said, sarcoidosis would imply ‘A condition which resembles to raw flesh or alive’. It is also known as the (BBS) disease named after three hard-working doctors, Besnier - Boeck - Schaumann. 
Do you what? Rather than me boring you with knowledge and details that wouldn't have any value to you, unless you experience it, click the link below and observe what it feels like for me, living with Sarcoidosis.