To desire is to be alive.

For my first blog, I chose to speak about desire.

Why desire? Because that sensation is innate in each one of us. According to Google, desire animates a tendency to obtain or possess something, desire drives us to seek pleasure from another human being. All this to say, it is human to crave something. Desire represents an impulsion, a need that we have to liberate ourselves from. That liberation can take several forms: physical, intellectual, and even spiritual. 

I did a little survey with some friends, feminine as masculine, just by asking them, what the word desire meant to them. Here is what came out of my research.

 Straight away, they accused Adam and Eve of spoiling their notion of desire. And named Eve for being responsible. We all know that she used the red apple as a tool of seduction, to mislead Adam. And Adam being a man, fell for it.

For a lot of them, that word inspired erotic images. Men generally associated desire with money, massive villas, high positions in society, women, and sex of course. 

One, in particular, said that he liked women to be sexy. 

"And what does a sexy woman look like?" I had to investigate. 

-Elegant, nicely made up, someone who dares, he explained. 

Me to verify: -So if she doesn't make up, doesn't dare, that would mean that she was not sexy?

"Not to my liking!" he concluded. 

-Clear answer. 

That same man added that he loved undressing women's legs with his eyes, even more so when they wear high heels. He tries to feel the texture of their skin, through their tights. A decolleté excites him. He feels powerful. In other words for men, anything to do with power awakens an insatiable desire inside them. 

And women? Would you believe that a lot of women view desire in the same way as men? They share that same need to vibrate, shine, to charm. Desire also burns in women's souls. And as a woman, when pushed into a corner, I know how to use my intelligence. 

Will say no more! Whose fault is that? EVE!

   Now reading those lines above, can you notice the common point? 

That's right! Desire is only a means to an end. And that kind of motivation can only lead to deep suffering. That impulse plunges us into a state of wanting more. The more we have, the more we fear losing everything. 

What do I think? I am Buddhist and I have always been passionate about philosophy. 

Before I present my thoughts on the desire to you, let me introduce you to one of Nichiren Daishonin's famous quotes. He was a Japanese priest from the 13th century by the way! "Earthly Desire is Enlightenment." 

There is also Rabuch Spinozza,  from the 17th century. He came from Amsterdam and he confirmed: "Desire is the essence of man."

 I must tell you about our dear Jean-Jacques Rousseau, from the 18th century. « Shame to those who cannot desire, because they lose everything that is possible. »

These three men, amongst many others, observed that the deepest suffering of mankind lay in its attachment to desire. However, without the urge to desire,  human beings wouldn't exist.

That is why, instead of eradicating our desires as thought by old Buddhist teachings, they understood, that the function of desire had an important part to play in our lives. 

To desire rhymes with pulling out that vital force, which exists inside us. 

To desire means to believe in our potential. 

To desire equals polishing our own humanity and guiding others to happiness. 

To desire is about confronting our demons, that fundamental darkness preventing us to move forward. 

To desire is to transform all our impulsions into Mission.

And my answer to this: To desire equals being alive.

What about you, what is your desire?